Research by Pitt Faculty

Comparative, Historical, & Cross-National Sociology

  • The Arab Spring
  • The Social Roles of Intellectuals in the Middle East

Gender, States, and Social Policy

  • Women's political participation & political power
  • Gender and social movements
  • Battering and welfare-to-work transition
  • Movements about welfare rights in the wealthy countries

Social Movements, Politics & Culture

  • Environmental Issues
  • Corporate Political Action
  • Alliances and coalitions in social movements
  • Democracy and democratization
  • The roles of social movements in the history of democracy
  • Racist and anti-racist movements in the United States and Europe
  • Peace movements
  • Islamic movements
  • Organized racism and hate crimes
  • Movements of the far right
  • Transnational social movements
  • World Social Forum process

Much of this work is interdisciplinary, and Sociology faculty and students are active in the Women's Studies Program, the international and/ or University Center for International Studies, the Center for Race and Social Problems, the University Center for Social and Urban Research, the Graduate Program in Cultural Studies, and other interdisciplinary efforts across campus and around the world.