PhDs Awarded

Mehr Latif (PhD received April 2017)

Dissertation Title: Re-Envisioning Kinship and the State in Pakistan.
Committee:  Kathleen Blee (co-chair), Mohammed Bamyeh (co-chair), John Markoff, Laura Brown (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Pittsburgh

Mohammad Golam Nabi Mozumder (PhD received April 2017)

Dissertation Title: The Body, Subjectivity, and Sociality: Fakir Lalon Shah and His Followers in Contemporary Bangladesh
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Lisa Brush, Waverly Duck, Mark Paterson, Joseph Alter (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Research Associate, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies in Dhaka

Jeffrey Tienes (PhD received April 2017)

Dissertation Title: Keeping it “Real”: Making a Career in Pittsburgh’s Rap Music Scene
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), Waverly Duck, Melanie M. Hughes, Ronald J. Zboray (Cultural Studies)
Position Currently Held: Visiting Instructor, Clarion University

Sharon Quinsaat (PhD received June 2016)

Dissertation Title: Mobilizations for Homeland Regime Change and the Making of the Filipino Diaspora, 1965-1992
Committee: Suzanne Staggenborg (chair), Jackie Smith, John Markoff, Patrick Manning (History), Suzanne Crage (Simon Fraser University)
Position Currently Held: Visiting Assistant Professor at Grinnell College

Ervin Dyer (PhD received April 2016)

Dissertation Title: Two Paths Forward: An Ethnographic Study of Somali Bantu Refugees Living In a Northeastern City Public Housing Community
Committee: Waverly Duck (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Joyce Bell, Larry Davis (Social Work)

Marie Skoczylas (PhD received April 2016)

Dissertation Title: Anarchism and Prefigurative Politics in the Occupy Movement: A Study of Occupied Space, Horizontal Structure, and Anarchist Theory in Practice
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Suzanne Staggenborg, Nancy Glazner (English)
Position Currently Held: Visiting Instructor at Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Carolyn Zook (PhD received March 2016)

Dissertation Title: Military Experience and the Shaping of Nationalism in the U.S. Armed Forces
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (co-chair), Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum (co-chair), Waverly Duck, Susan Zickmund 

Yven Destin (PhD received March 2016)

Dissertation Title: Immigrant Coverage in the American Diaspora: Representing Haitians in the Miami Media, 1979-2010
Committee: Kathleen Blee (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Joyce Bell, Lawrence Glasco (History)
Position Currently Held: Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati

DaShanne Stokes (PhD received March 2016)

Dissertation Title: How An Entity Becomes a State: Tibet, Taiwan, Palestine, and the Quest for Recognition
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Kathleen Blee, John Markoff, and Scott Morgenstern (Political Science)

Maria Dillard (PhD received May 2015)

Dissertation Title: Measuring the Social- Ecological Resilience of Coastal and Small Island Communities to Inform Policy, Planning, and Practice
Committee: John Marx (chair), Suzanne Staggenborg (co-chair), John Markoff,  Melanie Hughes, and Edmund Ricci (Behavioral/ Community Health Science)
Position Currently Held: Research Social Scientist at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Xi Zhang (PhD received April 2015)

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Internal Migration on Regional Inequality in China: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis
Committee: Vijai Singh (chair), Lisa Brush, Melanie Hughes, and Thomas Rawski (Economics)

Nichole Bayliss (PhD received December 2014)

Dissertation Title: Where You Live Does Matter: The Impact of Racial Residential Segregation on Racial Disparities In Cancer Incidence And Mortality In Northeastern And Southern U.S. Counties, 2005-2009
Committee: John Marx and Suzanne Staggenborg (co-chairs), Joyce Bell, Melanie Hughes, and Susan Zickmund
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Criminology, Psychology, and Social Work at Chatham University

Kimberly Creasap (PhD received June 2014)

Dissertation Title: Sweden Ends Here? Social Movement Scenes and the Right to the City
Committee: Kathleen Blee(chair), John Markoff, Suzanne Staggenborg, and Annulla Linders (Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University

Jane Walsh (PhD received February 2014)

Dissertation Title: Our Struggles Are Not the Same, but They Converge: Farmworkers, Allies, and the Fair Food Movement
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Suzanne Staggenborg, and Christina Bratt Paulston (Linguistics)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Clarion University

Amy McDowell (PhD received December 2013)

Dissertation Title: Rebellious Religion: Christian Hardcore and Muslim 'Taqwacore' Punk Rock
Committee: Kathleen Blee(chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Akiko Hashimoto, and Paula Kane (Religious Studies)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Mississippi

Selman Yilmaz (PhD received May 2013)

Dissertation Title: State, Politics, and Religion: Effects of Political and Social Change on the Relationship between State and Religion in Turkey, 2002-2012
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Kathleen Blee, John Markoff, and Muge Kokten Finkel (GSPIA)

Kelsy Burke (PhD received April 2013)

Dissertation Title: God, Sex, and the Internet: The Faithful, Virtual, and Sexual Lives of Contemporary Evangelical Christians
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum, Nicole Constable (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Piotr Konieczny (PhD received August 2012)

Dissertation Title: The Impact of Modern Information and Communication Technologies on Social Movements
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Suzanne Staggenborg, John Marx, Stuart Shulman
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor, University of Hanyang (South Korea)

Veronica Szabo (PhD received April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Youth and Politics in Communist Romania (1980-1989)
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Kathleen Blee, Mohammed Bamyeh, and Irina Livezeanu (History)

Yolanda Hernandez Albujar (PhD received April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Narratives of Identity and Motherhood among Latin American Migrant Women
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), John Markoff, Lisa Brush, and Douglas Harper (Duquesne University)

Kathleen Bulger Gray (PhD received April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Negotiating Race Talk: How Whites Hide Racial Privilege and Structural Inequality
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), John Markoff, Akiko Hashimoto, and Janet Schofield (Psychology)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Elizabeth City State University

Jared Coopersmith (PhD received January 2012)

Dissertation Title: Scientific Controversies, Boundary Disputes and Mobilization: The Intelligent Design Movement Network
Committee: Pat Doriean (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Charles Jones, John Marx, Thomas Fararo
Position Currently Held: Statistician at Mathematica Policy Research

Amy Kubichek (PhD received February 2011)

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Economic Development, Urbanization, Women’s Rights Programs, Women’s Microcredit Programs, and Women’s Market-Oriented Programs on Gender Inequality in India
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), John Markoff, Vijai Singh, Stevel Finkel, and Nuno da Silva Themudo

Kai Heidemann (PhD received October 2010)

Dissertation Title: Giving Voice to Language: Basque Language Activism and the Politics of Education Reform in France, 1969-1994
Committee: Akiko Hashimoto(chair), Kathleen Blee, Suzanne Staggenborg, Giuseppina Mecchia, and Alberta Sbragia
Position Currently Held: Lecturer of Sociology at University College Maastricht (Netherlands)

Sambriddhi Kharel (PhD received April 2010)

Dissertation Title: The Dialectics of Identity and Resistance among Dalits in Nepal
Committee: Cecilia Green(chair), Co-Chair Kathleen Blee, Debbie Gould, and Joseph Atler.
Position Currently Held: Instructor at Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Nepal)

Margaret Kerr (PhD received May 2009)

Dissertation Title: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Vaccines: The Making of a Health Social Movement
Committee: John Marx (chair), John Markoff, Keri Rodriguez, Phyllis Coontz, and Matt Schneirov
Position Currently Held: Instructor of Sociology at Robert Morris University 

María José Álvarez-Rivadulla (PhD received April 2009)

Dissertation Title: Contentious Urbanization from Below: Land Squatting in Montevideo, Uruguay
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Patrick Doreian, Kathleen Blee, and Javier Auyero
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor in Sociology at Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia

Melissa (Missy) Swauger (PhD received December 2008)

Dissertation Title: “Whatever Her Little Heart Desires: How Class and Race Influence Adolescent Girls Perceptions of the Future.”
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Cecilia Green, Akiko Hashimoto, and Sharon Nelson-LeGall
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor at Indiana University of PA

Christine Anthou Alex (PhD received April 2007)

Dissertation Title: 21st Century Participation in Two US Greek Orthodox Churches
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Peggy Lovell, Lisa D. Brush, and Edward Muller

Ashley Currier (PhD received June 2007)

Dissertation Title: "The Visibility of Sexual Minority Movement Organizations in South Africa and Namibia"
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Akiko Hashimoto, Cecilia Green, Eric Clarke, Paula Davis
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor, Assistant Department Head, and Graduate Program Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Cincinnati

Danielle Ficco (PhD received June 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Women Stepping Out: Intersections of Welfare Policy, Work, and Abuse"
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), Kathleen Blee, Akiko Hashimoto, and Maureen Porter
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Washington & Jefferson College

Hyung Sam Park (PhD received July 2007)

Dissertation Title: "A Longitudinal Analysis of the Environmental Movement Sector's Litigation Network in the United States 1970-2001"
Committee: Patrick Doreian (chair), Thomas Fararo, John Markoff, and Salvatore Babones
Position Currently Held: Lecturer, University of Central Florida

Monica Solinas Saunders (PhD received December 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Adolescent Antisocial Behavior and Adult Intimate Partner Violence"
Committee: Phyllis Coontz (chair), John Marx, Salvatore Babones, Magda Stouthamer Loeber, and Rolf Loeber
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Indiana University Northwest

Lisa Huebner-Ruchti (PhD received December 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Sexual Harassment, Intimacy, and Migrant Nurses"
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Akiko Hashimoto, Cecilia Green, and Ellen Olshanksy
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor in Sociology and Women's Studies at West Chester University

Dana Reinke Willmer (PhD received November 2006)

Dissertation Title: Assessing Place Character in Response to Wal-Mart
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair) Cecilia Green, Patrick Doreian, Sabina Deitrick
Position Currently Held: Human Factors Branch Chief at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Connie Oxford (PhD received October 2006)

Dissertation Title: Gender-Based Persecution in Asylum Law and Policy in the United States
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Cecilia Green, John Markoff, Nicole Constable
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Plattsburgh State University of New York