Suzanne Staggenborg, PhD


2409 WWPH


My areas of interest are social movements, political sociology, social problems, gender and family. My research is primarily in the area of social movements, including studies of abortion politics and women’s movements. I am currently working on a study of grassroots environmentalism, focusing on several local environmental organizations that are fighting practices such as shale gas drilling and promoting sustainable communities. I teach graduate courses in social movements and qualitative methods.

Fields of Interest

  • Social Movements/Collective Action
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Sociology of Gender and Family


  • PhD, Northwestern University

Organization and Strategy in the Grassroots Environmental Movement

Coalitions and Outcomes of the Pittsburgh G-20 Protests

Social Movements 2016 (Second Edition, Oxford University Press) Social movements around the world have used a wide variety of protest tactics to bring about enormous social changes, influencing cultural arrangements, public opinion, and government policies in the process. This concise yet in-depth book provides a broad overview of theoretical issues in the study of social movements, illustrating key concepts with a series of case studies. It offers engaging analyses of the protest cycle of the 1960s, the women's movement, the LGBT movement, the environmental movement, right-wing movements, and global social justice movements. It further examines these social movements in terms of their strategies and tactics, the organizational challenges they faced, and the roles that the mass media and counter-movements played in determining their successes and failures.

“New Environmentalism and Transition Pittsburgh” (with Corinne Ogrodnik). Environmental Politics 24(5):723-741, 2015.

“Event Coalitions in the Pittsburgh G20 Protests.” The Sociological Quarterly 56: 386-411, 2015.

  • Social Movements
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Social Problems and Moral Crusades