Graduate Student Publications

Current Students

Ayşe Alnıaçık

2017.  “Gender Policy Architecture in Turkey: Localizing Transnational Discourses of Women’s Employment.” Social Politics 24(3):298-323. (with Özlem Altan-Olcay, Ceren Deniz, and Fatoş Gökşen).

2015. İstanbul`da Haneler ve Proleterleşme, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Turkey Office. (Households and Proletarianization in Istanbul). (with Deniz Sert and Deniz Yükseker).

2013. “An Analysis of Public Programs Related to Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Labor Markets.” World Bank, Washington, DC. (with Fatoş Gökşen, Özlem Altan-Olcay, and Ceren Deniz).

2012. “Reflections from the Conference ‘Turkey debates its social policies’: A rights-based turn in social policy making in Turkey?” New Perspectives on Turkey 47:169-184. (with Ayşen Üstübici).

2012. “4+4+4 Yasası: Eğitimin Kalitesizliğini, Sosyo-Ekonomik Eşitsizlikleri ve Cinsiyet Ayrımını Derinleştirme Modeli mi? [(4+4+4 Legislation: A Model Deepening Low Quality of Education, Socioeconomic Inequalities and Sex Segregation at Schools?]” Birikim 284:62-71. (with Deniz Yükseker and Fatoş Gökşen).

2012. Girls’ Vocational High Schools, Comprehensive Evaluation Report. Istanbul: Koç University Social Policy Center. (with Fatoş Gökşen, Deniz Yükseker, and Ünal Zenginobuz).

2010. “The Effects of Forced Migration on Children and Young People, 2004-2010 Comparative Research.” Istanbul: Basak Culture and Art Foundation.

2009. After Deindustrialization in the Midst of Urban Transformation: The Case of Paşabahce Neighborhood in Istanbul. Saarbrücken: VDM Publishing.

Daniel Burridge

Forthcoming. “The Global Wave of Democratization.” In Democratization (2nd Edition), edited by Christian W. Haerpfer, Patrick Bernhagen, Ronald F. Inglehart, and Christian Welzel. Oxford University Press. (with John Markoff)

2016. “Critical Collaboration and Silent Movements: Reinventing the Left in El Salvador and Nicaragua,” Mobilizing Ideas. September 2, 2016. (

2015. Book Review: Mobilizing Democracy: Globalization and Citizen Protest, by Paul Almeida. International Journal of Comparative Sociology 56(1):81-83.

2014. “Central America's Relations with the United States of America.” Pp. 309-321 in "Handbook of Central American Governance,” edited by Diego Sanchez-Ancochea and Salvador Marti i. Puig. Routlege: London and New York. (with Hector Perla and Salvador Marti i. Puig).

2014. “Conflict and Consensus in El Salvador: Contours of a Post-Neoliberal State.” Panoramas. Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) of University of Pittsburgh. ( 

Benjamin Case

Forthcoming. “Social Movement Ecology and Its Implications: Unpacking the Natural Metaphor.” Berkeley Journal of Sociology.

Forthcoming. “Decolonizing Jewishness: On Jewish Liberation in the 21st Century.” Tikkun.

Forthcoming. “Developing Human Insecurity: Development, Marginalization, and Maoist Insurgency in India.” (Conference Proceedings, Second International Conference on Human Security).

2017. “Beyond Violence and Nonviolence.” ROAR Magazine 5:108-118.

2016. “Why the National Anthem Protests Can’t Be Silenced.” Waging Nonviolence. October 1.

2015. “The ‘Free Speech’ Critiques of Missouri and Yale Activists are Hypocricial and Racist.” Powershift (with Tommye Weddington). November 12.

2015. “Encrypted Resistance: From Digital Security to Dual Power.” ROAR Magazine. October 25. (with J. Armstrong).

2015. “Paris and the Crisis in the Climate Justice Movement.” Popular Resistance. (with Belinda Rodriguez).

2014. “In Thailand, a Political Crisis with Global Implications.” ROAR Magazine. August 23.

2014. “Right-Wing Movement Advances through Thai Military Coup.” Waging Nonviolence. May 30.

Gabriel Chouhy

Forthcoming. “Beyond the Pink Tide: Hegemony, Democratization and Post-neoliberal Transitions.” Boundary 2: An International Journal of Literature and Culture.

2013. “A Specter Haunts the Neoliberal Globe: Reworking the Communist Hypothesis through the Chilean Student Movement.” In Global Movements, National Grievances Mobilizing for “Real Democracy” and Social Justice, edited by Benjamín Tejerina and Ignacia Perugorría. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco.

2009. “Las marcas de clase de la inseguridad ciudadana: juventud y pobreza. Miedo urbano y estigmas en Montevideo. [The Class Markers of Insecurity, Youth, and Poverty: Urban Fear and Stigma in Montevideo.]” Revista de Ciencias Sociales 25:46-59. (with Sebastián Aguiar and Laura Noboa).

2008. “Trayectorias, posiciones y disposiciones de las personas en situación de calle: bases para la construcción de un modelo analítico [Trajectories, Positions, and Dispositions of the Homeless: Bases for Constructing an Analytic Model].” In El Uruguay y la Sociología VI [Uruguay and Sociology VI]. Montevideo: Universidad de la República.

2007. Aguiar, Sebastián, Gabriel Chouhy and Verónica Filardo “Genética de la Inseguridad Ciudadana [Genetics of Public Insecurity].” In El Uruguay y la Sociología V [Uruguay and Sociology V]. Montevideo: Universidad de la República.

Sebastian Cuellar

2014. “Capitalismo Mistico: una exploracion entre ideologia y creencia [Mystic Capitalism: an exploration between ideology and belief].” Ciudad Paz Ando 6(2):124-134.        

2014. “Max Weber en clave cotidiana: a proposito de la obra de Alfred Schutz [Max Weber in Everyday Life: About the Work of Alfred Schutz].” Max Weber. Significado y Actualidad [Max Weber: Meaning and Actuality], edited by Clemencia Tejeiro. Coleccion CES, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. (with Alfonso Piza).

Brittany Duncan

Forthcoming. “Legislatures as Gendered Organizations: Women’s Empowerment as Political Elites within Legislative Bodies.” In Measuring Women’s Global Political Empowerment, edited by Amy C. Alexander, Catherine Bolzendahl, and Farida Jalalzai. Palgrave MacMillan. (with Catherine Bolzendahl).

2015. “Contested Cosmopolitanisms: Global Meetings and Local Mobilizations” Sociological Forum, 30(1):188-208. (with Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum).

2014. “Women’s Leadership as a Route to Greater Empowerment: Report on the Diamond Leadership Model.” Produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. (with Melanie M. Hughes and Milad Pournik).

2012. “Media Framing of the Pittsburgh G-20 Protests.” Pp. 109-135 in Jennifer Earl, Deana A. Rohlinger (ed.) Media, Movements, and Political Change (Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, Volume 33). (with Rachel V. Kutz-Flamenbaum and Suzanne Staggenborg).

Suzanna Eddyono

2015. Editor. Tantangan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat [Challenges for Community Empowerment]. Yogyakarta: PSdK FISIPOL UGM and Azzagrafika.

2015. “Narasi Hak-hak dalam Diskursus Poligami di Indonesia [Narratives of Rights in Discourses of Polygamous Marriage in Indonesia].” In Tantangan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat [Challenges for Community Empowerment], edited by Suzanna Eddyono. Yogyakarta: PSdK FISIPOL UGM and Azzagrafika.

Hatem Hassan

2015. "Extraordinary Politics of Ordinary People: Explaining the Microdynamics of Popular Committees in Revolutionary Cairo."  International Sociology 30(4):383-400.

2015. "Movements as Communities." Pp. 340-354 in The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, edited by Donatella Della Porta and Mario Diani: Oxford University Press. (with Suzanne Staggenborg).

Hillary Lazar

Forthcoming. “Anarchist Intersections.” In Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach, edited by Benjamin Franks, Nathan Jun, and Leonard William. Routledge Press.

Forthcoming. “Man! and the International Group: Transnational Anarchism, International Solidarity, and Depression-Era Ethnic Radicalism.” (Conference proceedings, Transnational Anarchists and Socialists, University of Würzburg, 6/30-7/1/2017, Liverpool University Press).

2016. “Until All Are Free: Black Feminism, Anarchism, and Interlocking Oppression.” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory 29. (

Corinne Ogrodnik

2016. “The Ebb and Flow of Environmentalism.”  Sociology Compass 10(3):218-229. (with Suzanne Staggenborg).

2015. “New Environmentalism and Transition Pittsburgh.”  Environmental Politics 24(5):723-741. (with Suzanne Staggenborg).

Samantha  Plummer

2018. “Transnational Advocacy Networks and Global Health Governance.” Global Health Governance 7(1). (with Melanie Hughes and Jackie Smith).

2018. “Emotion Management, Institutional Change, and the Spatial Arrangement of Care at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.” Palgrave Communications 4(6). doi:10.1057/s41599-017-0058-4

2017. “Transnational Contention and Changing Organizational Fields in the Late Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries.” Global Networks 17(1):3‒22. doi: 10.1111/glob.12152 (with Jackie Smith and Melanie M. Hughes).

Technical Reports

Forthcoming. “Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA) in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Produced for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (with Ana Laura Rodriguez-Gusta).

Forthcoming. “Women in Leadership at Theological Schools.” Produced for review by the Association of Theological Schools.

2017. “Developing a Tracking Mechanism for Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA): Challenges, Considerations, and Recommendations.” Produced for review by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (with Melanie M.Hughes, Brittany Duncan, and Leslie Marshall).

2017. “Recipes for the Collection and Production of Data for National Tracking of Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA).” Produced for review by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (with Melanie M. Hughes, Brittany Duncan and Leslie Marshall,)


Forthcoming. Transnational Social Movement Organization Networks (TSMOnet), Version I, 1993, 2003, & 2013. [Computer File]. Pittsburgh, PA: World-Historical Dataverse [distributor] (with Melanie M. Hughes and Jackie Smith).

Forthcoming. Transnational Social Movement Organizations Dataset (TSMOD), 1953-2013. [Computer file]. Pittsburgh, PA: World-Historical Dataverse [distributor]. (with Jackie Smith, Dawn Wiest, Melanie Hughes and Brittany Duncan).

Elizabeth Yates

Forthcoming. “Langley Park, Maryland” and “Annandale, Virginia.” In America's Changing Neighborhoods: An Encyclopedia of New Faces of Diversity and Ethnicity, edited by Reed Ueda. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

2017. “Women in the White Supremacist Movement.” The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Women’s Social Movement Activism. Edited by Holly J. MaCammon, Lee Ann Banaszak, Verta Taylor, and Jo Reger.  New York: Oxford University Press. (with Kathleen Blee)

2016. “Cultural Explanations for Men’s Dominance of Leadership Worldwide.” Pp. 101-122 in Women Presidents and Prime Ministers in Post-Transition Democracies, edited by Verónica Montecinos. London: Palgrave Macmillan. (with Melanie M. Hughes)

2016. “How the Tea Party Learned to Love Donald Trump.” The Monkey Cage Blog, Washington Post. December 1. (

2015. “The Place of Race in Conservative and Far Right Movements.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1(1):1-10. (with Kathleen Blee).


Recent Graduates

Mehr Latif (2017 Ph.D.)

Forthcoming. “How Racial Violence is Provoked and Channeled.” Socio. (with Kathleen Blee, Matthew DeMichele, and Pete Simi).

Forthcoming. “The Sociology of the Far Right,” Researching the Far Right: Theory, Method and Practice, edited by Stephen Ashe, Joel Busher, Graham Macklin, and Aaron Winter. London: Routledge series on Fascism and the Far Right. (with Kathleen Blee).

2012. Voice, Choice, and Decision: A Study of Local Governance Processes in Cambodia, edited by Janelle Plummer and Gavin Tritt. Cambodia: The World Bank and The Asia Foundation. (with Robin Biddulph, Min Muny, Joakim Öjendal, Pak Kimchoeun, and Duong Viroth).

Sharon Madriaga Quinsaat (2016 Ph.D.)

Forthcoming. Hughes, Melanie, Pamela Paxton, and Sharon M. Quinsaat. “Does the Global North Still Dominate the International Women’s Movement? A Network Analysis of Women’s International Organizations, 1978-2008.” Mobilization.

2017.  “Women’s International Non-Governmental Organizations, 1950-2013.” [Dataset]. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor]. (with Melanie M. Hughes, Pamela Paxton, and Nicholas Reith). (

2016. “Diaspora Activism in a Non-Traditional Country of Destination: The Case of Filipinos in the Netherlands.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(6):1014-1033.

2016. “Review of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina, by Marina A. Sitrin.” International Sociology Reviews 21(5):555-557.

2015. “Review of Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research, edited by Donatella Della Porta.” Mobilization 20(4):555-556.

2014. “Competing News Frames and Hegemonic Discourses in the Construction of Contemporary Immigration and Immigrants in the United States.” Mass Communication and Society 17(4):573-596.

2013. “Migrant Mobilization for Homeland Politics: A Social Movement Approach.” Sociology Compass 7(11):952-964.

2012. “The Philippines Waltzes with the Big Boys: Coalition Building in the WTO.” Asian Survey 52(5):970-994.

2012. Voice, Choice, and Decision: A Study of Local  Governance Processes in Cambodia. (Plummer Janelle and Gavin Tritt, eds.). Cambodia: The World Bank and The Asia Foundation. (contributing author and researcher)

2009. “Philippine Agriculture under the World Trade Organization, 1995-2005: Gains, Losses, and Prospects.” Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies 24(1-2):4-34. (with Maria Bernabe).

2009. “Global Issues, Local Target: The Campaign against a New WTO Round in the Philippines.” Pp. 61-108 in Localizing and Transnationalizing Contentious Politics: Global Civil SocietyvMovements in the Philippines, edited by T. S. Encarnacion Tadem. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Marie Skoczylas (2016 Ph.D.)

2017. “Battles over Abortion and Reproductive Rights: Movement Mobilization and Strategy. In The Oxford Handbook of US Women's Social Movement Activism, edited by Holly McCammon, Lee Ann Banaszak, Verta Taylor, and Jo Reger. Oxford University Press. (with Suzanne Staggenborg).

2016. Review of Anarchy and Society: Reflections on Anarchist-Sociology, by Dana M. Williams and Jeffrey A. Shantz. International Sociology Reviews 31(5):548-549. 

2015. “The Importance of Space: Lessons from Occupy Pittsburgh” in What Comes after Occupy: The Regional Politics of Resistance, edited by Todd Comer. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Nichole K. Bayliss (2014 Ph.D.)

2015. Media Review: “The Tough Guise: Teaching violent masculinity as the only way to be a man.” Sex Roles 72(11-12):566-568. (with Melissa Bell).

2015. “Racial Differences in Satisfaction with VA Health Care: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study.” Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2(3):317-329. (with Susan L. Zickmund, Kelly H. Burkitt, Shasha Gao, Roslyn A. Stone, Keri L. Rodriguez, Galen E. Switzer, Judy A. Shea, Rebecca Meiksin, Mary B. Walsh, and Michael J. Fine).

2015. “Veteran, Primary Care Provider, and Specialist Satisfaction with Electronic-Consultation.” JMIR Medical Informatics 3(1):e5. (with Keri L. Rodriguez, Kelly H. Burkitt, Jennifer E. Skoko, Galen E. Switzer, Susan L. Zickmund, Michael J. Fine, and David S. Macpherson).

2011. “Overcoming Barriers in the Recruitment of Nurses for Participation in Healthcare Research.” Qualitative Health Research 21(12):1705-1718. (with Lauren Matukaitis Broyles, Keri L. Rodriguez, Patrice A. Price, and Mary Ann Sevick).

2011. “Effect of Patient and Patient-Oncologist Relationship Characteristics on Communication about Health-Related Quality of Life.” Psycho-oncology 20(9):935-942. (with Keri L. Rodriguez, Stewart C. Alexander, Amy S. Jeffreys, Maren K. Olsen, Kathryn I. Pollak, Sarah K. Garrigues, James A. Tulsky, and Robert M. Arnold).

2010. “Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency of the FAMCARE Scale for Use in the Long-Term Care Setting.” Palliat Support Care 8(2):169-176. (with Keri L. Rodriguez, Emily Jaffe, and Susan Zickmund).

2010. “How Oncologists and their Patients with Advanced Cancer Communicate about Health-Related Quality of Life.” Psycho-oncology 19(5):490-499. (with Keri L. Rodriguez, Stewart C. Alexander, Amy S. Jeffreys, Maren K. Olsen, Kathryn I. Pollak, Sarah L. Kennifer, James A. Tulsky, and Robert M. Arnold).

Kimberly Creasap (2014 Ph.D.)

Forthcoming. “Finding the Movement: The Geographies of Social Movement Scenes.” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.

2014. “Zine-Making as Feminist Pedagogy.” Feminist Teacher: 24(3):155-168.

2013. “Punk Politics.” Contexts 12(1):4.

2012. “Social Movement Scenes: Place-Based Politics and Everyday Resistance.”  Sociology Compass 6(2):182-191.

2011. “Conservative and Right-Wing Movements.” Annual Review of Sociology 36(1):269-286. (with Kathy Blee)

Jane Schuchert Walsh (2014 Ph.D.)

2013. Book Review: Cross-National Comparisons of Social Movement Unionism: Diversities of Labour Movement Revitalization in Japan, Korea and the United States, edited by Akira Suzuki. Work and Occupations 40(3):314-316.

2012. "A 'New' Social Movement: U.S. Labor and the Trends of Social Movement Unionism." Sociology Compass 6(2):192-204.

Kelsy Burke (2013 Ph.D.)

2016. Christians under Covers: Evangelicals and Sexual Pleasure on the Internet. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

2016. “God’s Case for Sex.” Contexts 15:30-35. (with Orit Avishai).

2016. “Making the Invisible Visible: Shining a Light on Gender and Sexuality in Courses Primarily Focused on Other Topics.” In Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America, edited by Kristen Haltinner and Ryanne Pilgeram. New York: Springer. (with Alexa Trumpy).

2015. “Sexual Encounters and Manhood Acts: Evangelicals, Latter-day Saints, and Religious Masculinities.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:330-344. (with Amy Moff Hudec).

2014. “What Makes a Man: Gender and Sexual Boundaries on Evangelical Christian Sexuality Websites.” Sexualities 17: 3-22.

2013. “Teaching about Organized Racism” in Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America, edited by Kristen Haltinner. New York: Springer. (with Kathleen Blee)

2012. “Women’s Agency in Gender-Traditional Religions: A Review of Four Approaches.” Sociology Compass 6: 122-133.

2012. “Superstars and Misfits: Two Pop-Trends in the Gender Culture of Contemporary Evangelicalism.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 24:67-79. (with Amy McDowell).

2012. Review of Making Chastity Sexy: The Rhetoric of Evangelical Abstinence Campaigns, by Christine J. Gardner. Sociology of Religion 73:100-102.

Amy McDowell (2013 Ph.D.)

Forthcoming. “Muslim Punk in an Alt-Right Era.” Contexts.

2017. “‘Christian But Not Religious’: Being Church as Christian Hardcore Punk.” Sociology of Religion. doi:10.1093/socrel/srx033.

2017. “Aggressive and Loving Men: Gender Hegemony in Christian Hardcore Punk.” Gender & Society 31(2): 223-44.

2016. “‘This is for the Brown Kids!’ Racialization and the Formation of ‘Muslim’ Punk Rock.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 3(2):159-171.

2014. “Warriors and Terrorists: Antagonism as Strategy in Christian Hardcore and Muslim ‘Taqwacore’ Punk Rock.” Qualitative Sociology 37(3):255-276.

2013. “Social Movement Audiences.” Sociological Forum. 27(1):1-20. (with Kathleen Blee).

2013. “Contemporary Christian Music.” The Grove Dictionary of American Music, Second Edition, edited by Charles Hiroshi Garrett. Oxford University Press.

2013. “Interviewing Activists.” In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements. (with Kathleen Blee).

2012. “Superstars and Misfits: Two-Pop Trends in the Gender Culture of Contemporary Evangelicalism.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 24(1):67-79. (with Kelsy Burke)

2012. “The Duality of Spectacle and Secrecy: A Case Study of Fraternalism in the 1920s U.S. Ku Klux Klan.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 36(1):1-17. (with Kathleen Blee). [reprinted in Race and Ethnicity in Secret and Exclusive Social Orders: Blood and Shadows, edited by Matthew W. Hughey. Taylor and Francis, forthcoming.

2012. “Social Movement Audiences.” Sociological Forum 27(1):1-20. (with Kathleen Blee).