Mar 29

Arianne Gaetano talk: Upwardly Mobile Women in Urban China: (Re)negotiating Marriage and Gender Norms

Dr. Arianne Gaetano, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Women’s Studies Program, Auburn University will give a   talk on Women, Marriage, and Gender in Urban China and the ensuing Q & A will be designed for an audience of faculty and students with a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds and will not require any detailed knowledge of contemporary China.  

A free buffet lunch will be available on a first-come-first-served basis from 11.30 am onwards

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Apr 04

Emanuele Lobina Talk: The Human Right to Water: Threats from Privatization in Pittsburgh and the World

Emanuele Lobina, Department of International Business and Economics, University of Greenwich, and Public Services International. Lobina provides a global look at the forces shaping today’s heightened debate around access to water. How are pressures to privatize water utilities impacting cities around the world—including Pittsburgh?

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Apr 24

Trevor Young-Hyman (brown bag work in progress): "The Economic Viability of Workplace Democracy: Knowledge Intensity and the Performance of French Worker Cooperatives"

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